Here you’ll learn the most useful tips and tricks for washing and drying your car.


如何洗车 - 最好的方式

Defining a Routine Car Wash

Car washing is the process of removing loose dirt and road film from your car’s exterior surfaces.

That means more than just a good hosing! You have to scrub it with a car washing soap using aquality wash mitt


Right now you may be thinking…

“I want to get the job done without scratching and swirling the paint finish or removing wax protection.”



Never, ever skimp on washing and drying. I can’t stress that enough!


I’m talking about swirl marks, fine scratches and dull paint.




In other words, do it right or don’t do it at all!




This method has two practical benefits.

First and foremost, it keeps dirt and grit out of your soapy water where it could cause damage to your car.

Second, it makes the suds in your soapy water last longer, because your car wash shampoo doesn’t have to react to any dirt to may be putting back into the water.

Does that make sense?





Start by thoroughly wetting the car’s finish with a medium spray of water to remove loose grit and surface dirt.

Wash the Tires and Wheels First

There’s a problem if you wash the car body first — the water will dry and spot your car before you can finish washing the tires and wheels.

Do not use the same wash water on your car’s paint as you used on your tires and wheels

Believe me! Throw the dirty water out and refill your buckets.

I have several brushes and sponges for cleaning tires, wheels and wheel wells. I really like my母亲长柄轮刷for doing a comprehensive job and getting into tight spots.


To properly clean your tires and wheels, you’ll need a 3 to 5 gallon bucket, a soft tire and wheel scrub brush, a sponge or washcloth, a water hose and nozzle, car shampoo and a良好的无酸喷雾轮清洁剂

Warning:Do not clean your wheels if they are still hot from driving. Let them cool on their own! Likewise if your brakes are hot, spraying them with cold water may cause damage.

一种t this point, let’s go through the whole wheel cleaning process in more detail…

Step-by-step tips to make tire and wheel cleaning easier:

  • 一次只清洁一个轮子。
  • 使用软管和喷嘴彻底冲洗轮胎和轮,用强水流和喷嘴。
  • 如果你的轮胎和车轮有大量涂层brake dust or road grime, mist with wheel cleaner. Allow the cleaner to soak for at least 30 seconds, but less than 3 minutes.
  • 使用轮刷和肥皂水擦洗轮井的可达区域。这个小细节让你的汽车看起来新鲜。
  • Thoroughly rinse the tire, wheel and wheel-well. Use plenty of water to ensure that all traces of the wheel cleaner and soap are gone.

One more thing: Dry your tires and wheels, using a detailing towel, after washing the rest of your car.



Stubborn problems, on your paint and other surfaces, may require an insect remover or pre-wash cleaner. A paint-safe bug sponge may be needed.

一个良好的解决方案是提出提供的供应Microfiber Bug Scrubber Sponges

Be Sure to Use the Right Car Wash Soap

What kind of soap do you have in your garage?

The high-quality car washing soaps made today are very gentle on paint, plastic and rubber. A good car wash soap should provide enough lubrication to prevent scratching as well as conditioners to maintain a shine.

我推荐的是得到一个洗发水和盖了n conditioning action such asP21S Bodywork Shampoo

It also has everything I look for in a wash shampoo including nice suds (not too much), good lubrication, free-rinsing, and a wonderful gloss effect that makes the car look like it was just waxed.


My other car wash soap, as previously mentioned, isMeguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash/Conditioner。就像P21S一样温柔,清洁得很好,它有很好的香味。

Remember to Rinse Frequently

Frequent rinsing is especially important when your car is super dirty. If you are washing on a warm day, keep the whole car wet to prevent spotting.


I use a final rinse of free-flowing water (nozzle off the hose), allowing the water to sheet off the car. This makes drying much faster.



First of all, select a one that’s comfortable for you to use, but also take a few things into consideration.


The more it holds, the more soapy water you can get on your car. This is key for lubrication. The lubrication created by soapy water is what prevents dirt from scratching the paint.

Use a proper car wash mitt


If it doesn’t easily release dirt and grit, it’s not safe. I personally like wash tools with a lot of fibers, like a lamb’s wool mitt or a cotton-chenille-covered sponge.

一种safe wash brush can be used on the lower body panels, but should not be used above the bottom-of-the-door line. Remember this!



What You Hold in Your Hand Counts

Here’s a truth bomb:

It’s best to use qualitymicrofiber wash mittsfor washing.

These tools have a large number of fine filaments that draw dirt and grime away from the surface being cleaned into their internal structure.

Synthetic (flat-sided) sponges and washcloths can trap dirt, grit and grime on the surface, which can scratch your car’s paint. Microfiber wash mitts and pads are great. They hold lots of soapy water and are gentle.

Behold: The Wash Bucket Solution

You may be wondering why I have a topic for wash buckets.

So, let me ask you a question, where do you think all of the dirt and grit on your wash mitt goes? Right back into your wash water, right?

That’s a problem, because it’s the dirt and grit you’re trying to avoid to prevent scratching.

What’s in the bottom of your 5-gallon bucket? You’d be surprised at the amount of dirt that accumulates!

一个叫做的伟大产品GRIT GUARD™

It is basically an insert that fits in the bottom of any standard 5-gallon utility bucket. It traps dirt below the insert, keeping it away from your wash mitt, brushes and other cleaning tools.



Before drying, your car should be freshly rinsed and free of visible dirt, grease and oil. Once you’ve done that, here is the proper way to dry a car:

  • Remove the nozzle from your hose and turn the water on with medium pressure. Rinse your car, allowing water to flow freely over the surface but do not directly spray the water. The free-flowing action will cause the water to sheet off, carrying 80% or more of the surface water with it. Allow the car to drip dry for a minute while you get your drying tools.
  • If you have a paint-safe squeegee, use it on the windows first. Follow the squeegee with a synthetic chamois or a microfiber drying towel.
  • Use a clean drying towel to dry the remainder of the car. Start at the top and work down. If you’re using a large drying towel, throw it out over the flat surface areas and slowly pull it toward you across the surface of the car. Shake and turn your drying towel frequently. To prevent streaking, fold your towel into a square for wiping.
  • 一旦外部大多是干燥的,打开门并擦拭jambs,门槛和密封区域。在门下干燥,或者在门关闭门后,你的窗台会再次弄湿。
  • Use aterry detailing towel擦干轮胎和轮子。不要在轮胎和轮子上使用你的好麂皮或干燥毛巾,因为它将变染。
  • Open the trunk and hood to wipe down the jambs and seals. On the engine, use the damp towel you used to dry the tires and wheels to remove dust and light oil from the top of the engine and compartment surfaces. After wiping down your engine, put the dirty towel in the wash. Do not use it on your car again until you wash it.


For me, nothing works better than a“waffle weave” drying towel。Microfiber华夫饼编织干燥毛巾是超级柔软和非常吸收的。


If you grew up in a house like mine, Mom retired the old bath towels to the garage for car and dog duty. What she didn’t realize is that most bath towels use a backing material that contains heavy polyester thread.


What’s the big deal about polyester?

Pound for pound, polyester is stronger than steel. This is great for long-lasting bath towels, but it’s not so good for your car’s paint.

It scratches!

Traditional polyester and polyester blend thread easily can easily scratch an automotive paint finish. Your car’s paint will be a swirled mess. The solution is microfiber!

Dry Even Faster With a Water Blade



一种Silicone T-Bar WaterBladeis a paint-safe squeegee that quickly removes at least 90% of the water from your car with just a few strokes. Follow up with a good microfiber drying towel, and you’re done in half the time.



It’s easy. I have been using my Water Blades for many years with zero issues.

一种fter Washing and Drying Your Car


For this reason, I like to use aquick detailing sprayon my car shortly after a routine wash. A good detailing spray renews the “just waxed” shine and extends the life of your wax.

Your tires and exterior rubber trim need a little shot of protection, too.

快速擦拭high quality protectant不仅改善了汽车的外观,而且还对长期磨损有持久的影响。

一种pply tire dressing



To make your job easier and more enjoyable, invest in a few good detailing tools.


Car Washing And Drying Summary

Washing regularly is obviously a key part of car detailing. Doing the job right — with quality tools and wash products — makes things easier and prevents scratching.


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