Cleaning Car Windows

Have you noticed how fantastic your vehicle looks with perfectly clean, clear windows and plastic?


Unfortunately, many of us ignore the windows when we wash.


我有罪,我自己。毕竟,谁喜欢做赢dows? Not so fun.

Okay, let’s be serious for a moment.



Porsche Boxster Clear Vinyl Window
The impact of this freshly polished and waxed paint would be ruined by dirty windows. After waxing, use a slightly damp microfiber detailing towel to buff the glass. If you run into stubborn spots or a heavy film, spray a few shots of automotive glass cleaner.

Driving your car with dirty, hazy windows on a rainy night or in heavy traffic, straining to see, is a driving impairment. Yup!

You should consider this a true danger.


Cleaning your windows is one of the most tedious car detailing tasks, but it’s worth the effort.

In addition to being a hazard, the effect of dirty glass will quickly ruin the appearance of your perfectly polished and waxed automobile.

After you have completed all other detailing tasks, put the perfect touch on your car by detailing your car’s glass.

Automotive Glass Cleaners

It seems like no two car enthusiasts can agree on the ultimate glass cleaner for their car.




More importantly, the use ofammonia inside your car is harmful to your health.


Glass cleaners in a spray bottle work fine.



In the old days, professional car detailers used plain water for wiping and cleaning the windows.

They also dried glass with newspaper. Yes, really.


The big drawback to this method is only the newsprint ink on your hands.


This is a good time to reveal a closely held recommendation…

浪星is the most amazing glass cleaner ever. Pick up that two pack!

Cleaning Car Windows

Here we go!


If your door has a window frame, lower the window 1 inch or so. This allows access to the top part of the glass. This part should be cleaned and dried first.


Now roll the window back up, and clean the remainder of the window.

The grime on this Honda S2000’s glass was so bad the wipers and washers would not cut through it. This is a dangerous situation for the driver. I added a 303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablet to the owner’s wash reservoir as a booster. A proper cleaning solution in your windshield washer is necessary for safe driving.

Pay attention to the corners of the windows. This is where you will get most smears and streaks.

Don’t forget your driver’s side and passenger’s side mirrors.





The thing is…

It is only glued to your windshield!

You can break it loose if you bump into the rear view mirror hard enough or at the right angle.


The inside of the rear window is the most difficult to reach. It should be done last.

The best technique for cleaning your rear window is to use the back side of your hand. It can guide the towel down into the corners.

Let’s face it…

试图用手掌将迫使你to be a contortionist. You will also draw strange looks from the neighbors.

Microfiber Detailing Towels



I had dark blue, light blue, green, orange and pink towels.

It was nuts!

I finally came to one conclusion:

Waffle weave detailing towels are the best general-purpose towels. They work great on glass and clear plastic.


My experience is that the towels with a deep, plush nap do not work well on glass.

The best microfiber towels for glass have a low pile and a tight weave, like a polishing towel. The tight weave gives them more scrubbing power.

Be cautious of inexpensive microfiber towels.

I tell you this for one reason.


Fiber shedding is a significant problem with bulk towels. These bulk products are usually made for janitorial services by low-cost bidders in China.


With microfiber on glass, it’s best to use two towels. One should be damp with water or your favorite glass cleaner. The second is for drying for buffing.

Cleaning Water Spotted Car Glass



Did you ever think of polishing your glass?

Normal driving will coat your windshield with a variety of contaminants. Normal glass cleaners cannot remove them.

Plus, when you think about it, your windshield has the greatest vertical forward exposure.


It’s a wonder that windshields hold up as well as they do!


Admittedly, they are not always easy to find.

I highly recommend using a glass-polishing product like Griot’s Garage Glass Polish. It will keep glass clean and free of water spots.



For really tough spots on glass Griot’s Garage makes a complete glass polishing system with a 3″ polisher.

Griot's Garage Glass Polishes and 3
Glass polishes remove stubborn water spots with ease. Simply wipe on a small amount and buff. For professional polishing results, try the Griot’s Garage 3″ polisher.



Just please be aware of one thing!


Speaking of water spots, some parts of the country have extremely hard water.


The thing is these trace elements remain on your glass.


When water from sprinklers or regular washing evaporates on your car.

It’s true. These spots attach themselves to glass.

If left on your glass for very long, hard-water spots will not wash off with shampooing or regular glass cleaners.


So, even though you have removed the minerals causing the water spots, the outline of the spots may remain as surface damage to your glass.

The best solution: Polish the glass as soon as possible. Do it!


Windshield wipers are essential for cleaning your windshield and rear window in rain or snow. They even help deal with bugs on long road trips.


Wipers perform best when the rubber is in good shape and the glass is fairly clean.


Specifically, use a damp cloth to wipe the rubber blades. It will remove bug residue, wax and other dirt buildup.

303刮水器治疗stops skipping, squeaking, and conditions rubber.

I want to stress something here:

Applying rubber dressing on your blades may cause streaking and smearing. It can also impair your vision.

The best overall maintenance of your blades is keeping them clean.


Do you have expensive after-market blades? 303 Wiper Treatment will make them last twice as long.

By the way…

A good wash fluid is just as important as wiper blades!

Pick a wash fluid with enough power to cut the grime. But don’t use something so harsh that it stains your car.


I had enough. I finally switched to 303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablets.

Let me tell you…

It performs flawlessly for me in all conditions.

Final Touches on Automotive Glass



In the corners of your windshield and rear window around the trim.

Use an old toothbrush or detailing brush, w/ a spray cleaner, to remove this caked-on gunk. Before cleaning, lay a towel at the base of the window to catch drips.

Spray your brush with window cleaner and shake off the excess cleaner.



Pro Tip:If your brush won’t remove the buildup of dirt, use a sharp single-edged razor blade to gently remove the dirt from your glass.


Seriously, this may cause leaks.

警告:Stay clear of defroster strips on the rear window. Cutting them could render this feature useless.


Tinted window film is often applied to the inside of windows. It shades passengers or provide privacy.

Tinted window film is typically a thin sheet of Mylar plastic. Here’s the problem with that!

It’s easy for it to be destroyed by ammonia.


Have tinted film that’s been scratched? It can be polished with a cleaner designed for vinyl windows ie. convertible tops.

I recommend Plexus for polishing and regular maintenance of tinted window film.

It comes in an aerosol spray can. It’s safe for use on plastic, Plexiglas and tinted window film.

Plexus also works great on taillight and headlight covers.

Maintaining Clear Plastic

The headlight lenses on most new cars are plastic. If you don’t polish the lenses every few months, they will yellow and haze.






That’s it! There’s no buffing, no mess and no waste.

Polishing Scratched & Yellowed Plastic (Including Headlights!)



These lenses protect expensive lamps from flying stones and road debris.

But, you know what?


Without proper care, plastic headlight lenses will degrade until they turn opaque. This restricts the amount of light reaching the road.



Here’s what’s crazy to me.

Headlight lens discoloration becomes noticeable in as little as 2 or 3 years if you live in a southern state.

When a Kit Says The Day!

Annual polishing will restore the transparency of plastic windows and headlight lenses.

On the other extreme…

To restore yellowed or scratched plastic, such as headlight lenses, you’ll need plastic polish and a buffing tool.






Well, I used to rotate which windows I cleaned each time I washed.


Nowadays, with the advent of microfiber towels, window cleaning is much easier.

After cleaning your car’s windows and polishing the clear plastic, it’s time to细节和治疗修剪!