Repairing Your Car’s Finish

Finish Repair: How-to Remove Paint Scratch, Allow Wheel Repair, Headlight Lens Restoration
If you take your car out of the garage, sooner or later the inevitable will happen.


And you know what…

Damage will occur faster and more frequently if your car does not have the luxury of being garaged.

Let’s face it, your car’s neighbors are careless and the environment can be pretty harsh sometimes.

The good news is this:

Most of the damage that occurs to paint, trim, upholstery, glass, plastic and other finishes is minor. That means you can fix it yourself or… at least be educated about the repair process.

That’s what this section of this website is all about.

So, where do we go from here?

If you have any kind of paint damage, start on ourPaint Repair Clinicpage.

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